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Knights of the Old Republic Remake reportedly not in active development

UPDATE: Two sources say they are still working on the game.

KOTOR protagonist Darth Revan holding a red Lightsaber glowing in the dark
Image credit: Lucasfilm Games

UPDATE 22/11/13: Sources at Saber Interactive have told Bloomberg's Jason Schreier that the KOTOR Remake is still being worked on, contradicting this week's previous report that the game was "not being worked on in any way at any studio".

Schreier said (via ResetEra) he had spoken to two developers at Saber who both claimed to still be working on the project.

"'Is it alive?' and 'Will it ever actually come out?' are two very different questions," Schreier noted. "A third is 'If it does ever come out, what will it actually look like?'"

The original story continues below.

ORIGINAL STORY 20/11/23: The fate of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake is once again up in the air, after a new report that the game is not currently being worked on at developer Saber Interactive.

Development of the KOTOR remake has been rocky since it was first announced, and last week Lars Wingefors, CEO of Saber owner Embracer, refused to comment on the state of the game during an earnings presentation.

In response to this, Giant Bomb's Jeff Grubb has stated the game is "not being worked on right now" according to sources close to the project. "Full stop, this game is not being worked on in any way at any studio."

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Referring to Sony scrubbing KOTOR Remake trailers from the internet in September 2023, which the company said was due to music licenses expiring, Grubb said those who've been eagerly awaiting updates on the game are probably not surprised. "Just to 100 percent confirm it," he reiterated, "this game is not being worked on right now."

In July 2022, it was reported KOTOR Remake was "delayed indefinitely" after initial developer Aspyr (also owned by Embracer) fired the game's art director and design director. The following month, Aspyr was removed from the project entirely and development was expected to be handled by one of Saber Interactive's Eastern European studios instead.

This update on the game's development is not what fans who are eagerly awaiting the game would like to hear, of course, but it's a logical conclusion given Sony's attempts to scrub it off the internet and Embracer's refusal to comment on its existence. Regardless of whether this means it's simply been shelved for now or has outright been cancelled, one thing seems certain - the KOTOR Remake isn't coming anytime soon.