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Game of the Week: The return to Loot Lake

The haunting of the house on the hill.

Fortnite OG, official Epic Games artwork of a massive dark purple crystal floating above loot lake, with lots of loot items scattered around.
Image credit: Epic Games.

This week, a lot of people around the world have been rediscovering an old love. I've never really left Fortnite behind, but the game's original island has been out of reach for a couple of seasons now. Suddenly it's back and it's been fascinating to return to it - and fascinating to watch everyone else flood back in too.

Tom wrote a beautiful piece about what this all means for the game, which you can read here. I'm less analytical though, and also perhaps slightly more nostalgic for the era of Fortnite which I played the most regularly. So. When the OG game dropped I knew exactly where I was headed. I was going back to Loot Lake!

Loot Lake was the spot on the map I fell in love with after I was through my hiding-in-bushes-for-the-whole-game phase. I loved the way Loot Lake limited my choices. It's a little house sat in the centre of a lake, so you either aim for the roof or the main house itself, and the game unfolds in different ways depending on where you land. I also just loved it as a piece of real estate, though. Who doesn't dream of just spending a little time in a lovely creaky old mansion separated from the rest of the world?

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