Our picks of the best Black Friday deals

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Best Black Friday graphics card deals 2023: US and UK links

The top GPU deals from Nvidia, AMD and Intel.

asus rog rtx 4090 graphics card on a gradient background
Image credit: Asus/Digital Foundry

2023 has already played host to a lot of exciting GPU releases with the rounding off of a new generation of GPUs with Nvidia's RTX 40-series and AMD's RX 7000-series, and now that Black Friday is finally upon us it's time to take stock of what GPU deals are on the horizon.

To help you out, we've split up our recommended deals into AMD, Nvidia, Intel and sections. AMD typically offers better gaming performance per dollar with ray tracing disabled, and matches many Nvidia features - and most critically, its GPUs are more often for sale so expect them to feature heavily.

In contrast, Nvidia graphics cards are the most popular option worldwide, with stronger RT performance and better image upscaling and frame generation features. Finally, Intel is a great entry-level option that delivers excellent value in new games but performs surprisingly badly in many older titles.


AMD's line of Radeon RX graphics cards offer a stern challenge to Nvidia's dominance, tending to offer excellent rasterised performance at a given price point while falling a little behind in terms of image upscaling adoption (FSR 2.0) and RT performance.

AMD's 7000-series offer some great value at the high-end of the market, especially their latest RX 7800 XT. We've also seen this push down prices immensely on their last-gen RX 6000-series cards. These still offer great value in many titles and the recent release of FSR 2.0 makes them an even better pick in 2023 than they were in the past few years. If you're dissatisfied with the Nvidia hegemony, these AMD GPUs are your best bet.

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a rtx 3080 graphics card made by evga

Nvidia is the current top dog in the graphics card space when it comes to units shipped, with their cards accounting for nearly 80 percent of those profiled in the Steam Hardware Survey. Their most recent high-end 40-series cards offer excellent performance at a steep cost, while their mid-range cards are decent enough, with a helpful boost from RT-based performance. Older 30-series cards remain viable thanks to much lower prices.

In general, expect best-in-class RT performance, great media encoding capabilities and the most widely available image upscaling solution in DLSS. Weaknesses? AMD and Intel can offer better value when it comes to pure rasterised frame-rates per dollar, and the flagship RTX 4090 and 4080 surprisingly don't include the latest DisplayPort 2.1 specification. Still, for all intents and purposes, Nvidia is in a strong position and there should be some excellent deals on its wares this Cyber Monday.

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intel arc a770 and a750 graphics cards on a coloured gradient background

Intel had spoken about entering the GPU game for years, and in 2023 their Arc 700-series GPUs are good entry-level options, with improving performance in older graphics APIs and fairly aggressive pricing against AMD and Nvidia's budget cards. With strong RT performance, excellent media encoding capabilities and a solid image upscaler in XeSS, Intel's cards are well worth considering in their price segment.

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So, there you have it - that's all you need to know about the Black Friday GPU deals. When we get closer to the big (Fri)day, expect this article to become a sea of deals - after all, that's what usually happens! They'll still be sorted by manufacturer, so finding a deal on your favourite graphics card should be simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, time and time again, there are going to be important questions about GPUs, not least if you're deciding to grab a new one. Below, we'll take you through a handful of key Qs with our two cents added to help you make a properly informed buying decision.

What graphics cards do we recommend?

As always - it depends! By default, we reckon that Nvidia GPUs offer the best feature set (strong RT performance, a popular AI image upscaler in DLSS and great media encoding capabilities), but performance in non-RT games can be better in AMD or Intel graphics cards at the same price point, particularly towards the lower-end and mid-range. AMD cards are a great alternative pick, thanks to their better value in terms of non-RT frame-rates and growing support for their FSR 2.0 image upscaler. Finally, Intel brings up the rear, with only two models on the market worth considering (A750 and A770) but a strong feature set and good performance in modern games for the money.

Therefore, we'd suggest the RTX 4090 for those with unlimited budgets looking for the fastest graphics card available, the RTX 3070 and RTX 3080 as strong high-end picks, and the Arc A770 and A750 in the mid-range. If you don't care about RT performance, then the RX 6700, RX 6800 XT and RX 6900 XT are excellent alternatives in the mid-range to high-end.

What graphics card deals do we expect to see?

As the month of November wears on, it would make sense for us to see more dealas on GPUs in general, as retailers gear up for the big day. To be more specific though, it would make sense to see deals on what are now going to be 'last-gen' cards - RTX 30-series and RX 6000-series cards, as retailers attempt to get rid of stock in time for the wider availability of newer cards. There may be a handful of deals on the new line of cards, even if they're small reductions, depending on stock and availability of course.